Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Next post...

Will be later in the day because I can't sleep do to lack of weed.
Fucking insomnia...
The idea for the post just came to me it has to do w/ spiritual centers on earth.
More on that later...

Now something on marijuana and insomnia because now I'm curious.
Well apparently marijuana withdrawal rivals that of nicotine withdrawal.
Which sounds right to me. It could be that I've smoked it for so long or that it's affected my brain chemistry but I just don't feel right w/o it. Irritable and hard to sleep. It goes away after about a week or two so I can quit cold turkey it's just not fun. People who claim it's not habit forming are sorta bullshitting you. While it isn't as bad as meth or cigs in my opinion the effects are still there. It's just very subtle. I'll only realize it's a problem after wondering why I'm so restless after a few days of not having any. And then I just occupy my time to take my mind off it. I wouldn't consider myself addicted but I'm not stopping. It's a part of me.


  1. The THC does some weird stuff in your brain xD

  2. Mmmm, id take cigarettes over THC anyday. It costs way to much to and going through the neccesary methods to get it makes it a real pain in the ass and not worth the time.

  3. oh man i know that feeling, but it got better once i quit, now id rather a cigarette haha

  4. ive never smoked weed so i cant really relate

  5. off topic I know, but I swear I've seen the graffiti in your background in Brighton...