Sunday, February 6, 2011


I would like to address dreaming in my blog today.
I had a very wild dream and while I won't go on and on about what it was and what it meant to me I'd like to better understand a few aspects of dreaming so here it goes.
In the past people believed that dreams were signs and messages from their gods to help lead them down the right path. But with the development of modern psychology many people begin to change that belief.
Psychologist began to theorize that dreams were a window into our unconscious minds. Like all of the emotions and thoughts of the previous two days kind of build up and in some kind of unconscious theatrical play and releases our stress a tad about the situations as well as giving us a small bit of insight into our waking lives.

There is also one last topic I'd like to touch on being 420 friendly myself and that is the relationship between marijuana and dreams. Perhaps marijuana is a spiritual drug?
While many people know marijuana while your actually on it is terrible for dreams. If you do have them your not likely to remember them. But when coming off of the drug many people including myself will have intense dreams or multiple dreams in a night. This actually is caused because while on marijuana your brain levels during sleep decrease in the REM state so when detoxing from the drug your mind speeds bag up from the fog of THC and it gives the illusion of dreaming "more". Not to make it seem less magical because the fact that it's able to induce dreams in such a way to me really is. And who knows perhaps with practice and intake of marijuana you could become a master of your dreams. But that's a blog for another day.

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