Sunday, February 6, 2011

In another body.

While I am on the topic of dreams today...
I would like to share w/ you the most insane dream I've ever experienced.

Normally you don't dream while high but this night was different. My girlfriend was out w/ her 'friends' and I had the place to myself. Well I get very high. I think I might've smoked close to a quarter.
I then proceeded to sleep and as I slept I dreamt and my dream was of me but I wasn't me I was in a woman's body. A WOMAN she looked around at her surroundings and I could feel what she felt.
Remorse fear guilt regret so many negative fear based emotions ran threw my mind and the dream was over.

I later came to find out by describing this dream to my girlfriend it was her I had been sucked into she said that I described a house that she was going into. Also she had cheated on me and felt bad about it and thought about me. So that's it. I was somehow not only able to remote view through the eyes of someone I loved deeply but effectively ended a shitty relationship.

The point of the story? Get high. Fuck bitches.


  1. Wow, that's pretty weird.. altough i woke up after one dream and for no reason at all, i knew what a "vortex" was..
    Sub-consciousness is weird as hell!

    like the moral of the story tho! lol ^^

  2. Huh, that's interesting. Have you ever had a lucid dream? You could ask the dream why you are a girl in the dream

  3. I am not very good at having lucid dreams although I have been aware of myself in a dreaming state.
    I've actually had an Out of body experience at will though.

  4. cool story bro

    your friend,

  5. Wow. Well, at least you told er about the dream, causing the end of the relationship, and saving you some time and trouble.

  6. Freud says, when a man dreams about being a woman, it's because he secretly wants a penis inside of him....

    Not joking.

  7. Loved the point of the story! Nah but anyways this was a very interesting read, I for one only tried marijuana once and I thoroughly enjoyed it though I can't recall what I friends tell me we got lost and I please for a "sage" to save us.....but anyways dreams can tell a lot about a person about themselves and all those pent up things they have inside....I like your blog.....i'll follow ;P

  8. incredible. very good motive too!