Thursday, February 17, 2011

I would like...

To take this fine moment to look back in nostalgia at all the fucked up shit any of us has ever done.

And all the friends we ever had but don't talk to anymore because life just got in the way.

Just take a minute and think back. I know I am after today.
In one day I reunited w/ ppl from my childhood years all the way up through my teenage years and now in adulthood I have some new friends from old times. This was a good day.

Kudos to you bloggers for bloggin it up. I'm out. Peace love and happy memories.

Virtual Reality.

A virtual reality helmet that recreates the sights, smells, sounds and even tastes of far-flung holiday destinations has been devised by British scientists.

Armchair travellers wearing the device will be able to hear the roar of lions on safari, smell the flowers of an Alpine meadow or feel the heat of the Caribbean sun on their face -- all from the comfort of their sitting room.

The device will also allow people to greet friends and family on the other side of the world as if they were in same room, and to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds.

The virtual reality helmet titillates all five body senses while viewers sit at home on their sofas

It will even allow students to explore history -- and find out what it was really like to live in Ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece.

Scientists have been developing virtual reality devices for nearly two decades. But until now, most have only been able to recreate sound and vision.

Now a team of British academics from York and Warwick universities have launched a project to create the first authentic VR helmet -- a device that stimulates the senses so convincingly  they have called in Real Virtuality.

The Virtual Cocoon will consist of a headset packed with specially developed electronics -- including a high definition, high dynamic computer screen, state of the art speakers, fans to blow hot and cold air over the wearer's face and a 'smell tube' which releases chemicals under the nose to mimic real life odours.

Prof Alan Chalmers of Warwick said the headset should be complete in three to five years. He believes it will be used in long distance business meetings, in schools to allow students to revisit history, or by families wanting to get a taste of far-flung destinations.

It will also be popular among computer games enthusiasts -- particularly those who enjoy virtual role play games such as Second Life.

'The idea is not to replace reality but to complement it,' he said at an event organised by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 'You can get a taster of reality in a safe and controlled way.'

The prototype helmet connects wirelessly to a computer which feeds it information about a virtual world or a another part of the real world.

It features a high dynamic screen -- which uses a combination of LED and LCD technology to produce pictures that are 10 times darker, or 30 times brighter, than conventional television.

A tube connected to a box of chemicals will release smells under the wearer's nose, while a similar device can squirt flavours directly into the mouth.

The heat and humidity can be changed using a fan and heater, while surround sound speakers recreate noise.

Prof Chalmers believes owners will be able to buy computer software that allows them to explore virtual worlds.

It should be possible too to explore other parts of the world in real time.

A recording device attached to a car could record the sights, smells, sounds and feel of a safari and transmit the sensations over the internet to a Virtual Cocoon on the other side of the world.

Professor David Howard of the University of York, lead scientist on the initiative, says: 'Virtual Reality projects have typically only focused on one or two of the five senses -- usually sight and hearing. We’re not aware of any other research group anywhere else in the world doing what we plan to do.

'Smell will be generated electronically via a new technique being pioneered by Alan Chalmers and his team at Warwick which will deliver a predetermined smell recipe on-demand.

'Taste and smell are closely linked but we intend to provide a texture sensation relating to something being in the mouth. Tactile devices will provide touch.'

The helmet could also be used in training soldiers, police officers, medics or fire fighters.

Designers are currently working on a price for the device which initial estimates place at around £1,500 ($632.00).

 I seriously can't wait to be able to try this. Can anyone say the MATRIX?
Oh well fuck real life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'd like to take this time.

To share a few dreams I've had they I consider weird or have made an impact on me.

In one I was standing on Earth and around our planet I saw many other Earthlike planets surrounding ours in a ring. I had an urge to visit one and I went there while I don't remember vividly what was on it the inhabitants were gaseous or liquid kinda a puke green mixed w/ a brownish color. Like jaba the hut but more blob like.

In another dream it started out I was zoomed out and it panned inward to an island that would resemble the rainforests in south america but was the size of madagascar and a similar shape. On this island I lived as a hero protecting villagers from giant spiders and a strange dog like creature that was red and yellow. It resembled the oriental type creatures they have in their older artwork. After protecting these people living in huts on stilts I proceeded to go onto a beach where a storm was coming and the seas were rough. As a walked I saw other warrior like men standing w/ surfboards next to a wooden rack for holding the boards.

Finally I'm certain this was more than a dream but it is by far one of the most interesting experiences I've had. I was fully awake at the time was practicing meditation and had been reading on astral projection. I figured it was a good time to give it a try so I did. Not only did I manage to get out of my body but I walked out of my room and to my surprise I saw my mother cleaning the floor. I did my best to get her attention by flying down the hallway and back. When she didn't notice me she began to walk through me to another room as she did I hovered in front of her saying MOM LOOK!!!! As she got close I could see a bluish glow on her. After this I sank into the floor and when it got up to my eyeballs I got scared thinking OMG I can't breathe underground and *SNAP* I was back in my body. I then verified that my mother had been cleaning the floor. I left my body at will. I haven't been able to reproduce this since.

Those were the three most interesting. Feel free to post strange dreams you've had in comments or maybe you can interpret some of these. My favorite dreams are those of flying. The second dream I think was a past life I led. The first one I think was a sign that other worlds are apart of us as we are them. I'm off until next time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Prank calls

This stuff is genius.
Add Beyluxe Messenger and join in and listen to this stuff.

He had some guy smash his toilet and try to dig through the wall because a midget had cams in his room and was streaming it live on the internet.

I laughed non stop for at least an hour.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Synesthesia and more?

First off I'd like to list the different types of synesthesia from most common to least common.

Grapheme → color synesthesia: This is where colors and letters or numbers are associated. So the letter A is red. The letter B blue. And so forth. Like this...
Sound → color: Where a sound like music or as simple as dishes clattering or dogs barking causes visualization of color. Sometimes this is only w/ music sometimes not. Basically like sound fireworks so to speak.

Number form: Where numbers form around everyday objects. Sorta like a perma ruler for your eyes.

Personification: Examples of this would be T's are generally grabby ungenerous creatures. Or the synthete would say 4 I can trust but 3 is dishonest.

And finally the rarest of types...
Lexical → gustatory: Where individual words evoke taste sensations. F sounds trigger the taste of sherbet or S sounds trigger mince pie.

We all may have this ability while it isn't an automatic response in myself I can often concentrate and 'imagine' what a word would taste like. I do this while grocery shopping I hear the word and imagine the taste. I even blend taste and imagine how the food would taste when it was prepared together. Or colors and personifying them. Such as red to me is controlling Purple is mystical and Black is forsaken. So I implore you to look into this a little more and see how you can enhance your own perception of this wonderful world. We're more capable then we give ourselves credit. Also I'd like feed back... after reading this are you aware of something that may be similar to any of these things? Is it automatic or must you concentrate on making it work. Enlighten me as I have you my fellow bloggers. And have a colorful day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well I have no ideas for interesting posts today...

I was going to post on synesthesia but I think I'll do it tomorrow.
I haven't been sleeping well.

So I'm just going to take this time to thank all my followers for their support.
Thank you guys over 9000 times.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Earth's Different Energy?

So I was interested in covering some things about the way we perceive our planet and how it makes us feel. For example America has a different atmosphere than say Europe does.
Which makes me think is this because of the surroundings? Foliage architecture and such that gives it a certain ambiance or maybe the different cultures affect how you feel because they perceive differently than other areas and our minds somehow collectively sense this.

Well as I believe it's a multitude of factors including the ones I suggested above my theory is that different parts of the land absorb energies magnetically in some way. And go figure people actually give off electrical pulses from our hearts brain and hands. SO perhaps the reason places 'feel' like or seem to have different energies is because humans have unconsciously contributed their perspectives of the area and time they were in to the overall development of that given area. The way I perceive this energy is through color India has a sorta yellow and purple thing going on. Hawaii has a really laid back blue pink energy that is actually very strong. And just as the land absorbs the energy people absorb the lands energy which is why there's such a good atmosphere in Hawaii or why Europe has a rustic almost ancient sense behind it.

Which makes me wonder if their are spots on Earth that act as a sort of energy gathering areas. Like the Bermuda triangle might be for the area of the Americas. Maybe there's an area around China and Japan. One for India and places like Iran. One for Northern Europe and Russia and as well for Southern Europe and Africa. Well I searched this and came up w/ something about Ley lines coming together and vortices and such. After I post an image of these lines/vortices it will be the first time I'll be checking to see if the areas I've named actually correspond to the spots I talk about. I doubt it will but maybe I'll be surprised let's see.......

Well it wasn't dead on but you get the idea.

And you may be thinking at this point this is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo spiritual BS. But you can't deny the facts: We're biologically electrical/magnetic beings (check it out) And our planet is the same, it would only make sense in our evolution that we've somehow develop a special symbiosis with our planet where we exchange energies as we grow which actually affect how our cultures perceive reality. IDK about you but MIND=BLOWN.

Next post...

Will be later in the day because I can't sleep do to lack of weed.
Fucking insomnia...
The idea for the post just came to me it has to do w/ spiritual centers on earth.
More on that later...

Now something on marijuana and insomnia because now I'm curious.
Well apparently marijuana withdrawal rivals that of nicotine withdrawal.
Which sounds right to me. It could be that I've smoked it for so long or that it's affected my brain chemistry but I just don't feel right w/o it. Irritable and hard to sleep. It goes away after about a week or two so I can quit cold turkey it's just not fun. People who claim it's not habit forming are sorta bullshitting you. While it isn't as bad as meth or cigs in my opinion the effects are still there. It's just very subtle. I'll only realize it's a problem after wondering why I'm so restless after a few days of not having any. And then I just occupy my time to take my mind off it. I wouldn't consider myself addicted but I'm not stopping. It's a part of me.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ancient Hawaiians.

They were fucking awesome. This will probably be my favorite of all time post because well I'm a surfer and respect the belief system they had because it was pretty much based around surfing.

Plus they were cannibals.
While I'd prefer to concentrate on the positive myths and and awesome mythical Gods and Goddesses they believed in. It was a pretty shitty belief system when it came to laws and things.
I'm talking about things like men and women could not eat together women were separated from society during their menses women were forbidden from eating pork, certain bananas, and coconuts fishing was restricted by season and people could not look at or touch an Ali’i or person with spiritual powers (mana), including their shadows.

These are the kind of things that ruin spiritual belief for people. They're so freaky about what the believe that they end up chasing people away.

On to the stuff that's cool now.
KANE, the creator-god
One Hawaiian creation story says that Kane created man out of white clay, red earth, and saliva. Magic spit I wonder if goddess hoes were all up on his tounge. Food for thought.

LONO the God of Storm, Rain, and Fertility
Somehow captain James Cook was mistaken for this God. I guess because he was taking a piss when he rode up to the island.

KU the God of war and strenuous activities
Ah Ku a pissed of version of Flava flav.

And finally Kanaloa the god of Sea and Death.
 Basically he's satan for the Hawaiian. See his cold stare and fear him.

The really cool stuff is more with the people though. I'm not sure where I found this but a while ago I read about how they would make this drink by fermenting some plant on the island and as they drank it it would cause something to build up in their skin causing them to look like lizard people. I believe the drink was called awa and it had some hallucinatory effects. They also believed heavily in family support and that the more time you'd spend with someone the stronger a spiritual tie you would have with them. These ties to them were in the form of strings called Aca chords or something like that I don't remember it was a while ago. But it starts out a string and can turn to a think rope allowing you to become closer to your loved ones spiritually or something. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.


Well my research has been did.
And I've found that there are fuck tons of misconceptions about demons out there. Which is a little upsetting because from what I now understand demons are pretty chill and will actually assist you if you aren't dicking around.
The word demon  means lesser spirit or god The literal meaning for demon is - replete with wisdom.
That's right demons are wise as shit. They aren't bad unless it suits them apparently or if they're on a mission to corrupt a person of God. And there are like 72 main demons that rule over legion upon legion of lesser demons. It's this really complicated heirarchy of demons believe me I read like 200 fucking names of demons and what the fuck they do.

So how do you take what they 'do' and make it useful to you well I'm getting to that. First off you should know some demons have attributes over things like anger lust war and pestilence and yet still others have power of elements healing and wealth and luck. So how do YOU profit?

There are two methods I guess you could call them of controlling summoning or having anything to do w/ a demon. The method I won't be trying is the practice of Goetia. Basically by performing rituals which consist of lighting candles and drawing out circles on the ground like ya know an occultist. The second method consists of this as well in some form but in the practice of Goetia your basically forcing or commanding a demon to do your wishes malevolent or benevolent. Which is a good way to piss off demons if you ask me.

So what's the other option? Well it's basically like worshipping a demon or sharing your spirit with a demon. This is known as demonolatry. Demons have things that they have control over like fertility or the flames of hell. So by lending your energy through holding the demon in high regards with worship he gains power and in return grants you his power maybe not power like magic but shit won't suck for you if your tryna get laid or you want to feel more energized cuz a raging inferno will do that to you I guess. Some people who practice this claim to be in communication w/ the chosen spirit or demon and will even see the demon take a physical form. Crazy stuff.

Really I just wanted a succubus so I could have crazy demon sex dreams but I looked into that too and it's just a little fucking complicated.

Hope you enjoyed and as I will try to keep a spiritual/psychological theme to my blog it will only get more random I'm sure.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I think I might make some posts about demonology or something demon related.

Doing the research now btw.

In another body.

While I am on the topic of dreams today...
I would like to share w/ you the most insane dream I've ever experienced.

Normally you don't dream while high but this night was different. My girlfriend was out w/ her 'friends' and I had the place to myself. Well I get very high. I think I might've smoked close to a quarter.
I then proceeded to sleep and as I slept I dreamt and my dream was of me but I wasn't me I was in a woman's body. A WOMAN she looked around at her surroundings and I could feel what she felt.
Remorse fear guilt regret so many negative fear based emotions ran threw my mind and the dream was over.

I later came to find out by describing this dream to my girlfriend it was her I had been sucked into she said that I described a house that she was going into. Also she had cheated on me and felt bad about it and thought about me. So that's it. I was somehow not only able to remote view through the eyes of someone I loved deeply but effectively ended a shitty relationship.

The point of the story? Get high. Fuck bitches.


As a new blogger I would also like to take advice from my followers.
If you have any suggestions on where I should take this blog or ideas to help improve my blog I would greatly appreciate it.
Otherwise I'll just write whatever I fancy.


I would like to address dreaming in my blog today.
I had a very wild dream and while I won't go on and on about what it was and what it meant to me I'd like to better understand a few aspects of dreaming so here it goes.
In the past people believed that dreams were signs and messages from their gods to help lead them down the right path. But with the development of modern psychology many people begin to change that belief.
Psychologist began to theorize that dreams were a window into our unconscious minds. Like all of the emotions and thoughts of the previous two days kind of build up and in some kind of unconscious theatrical play and releases our stress a tad about the situations as well as giving us a small bit of insight into our waking lives.

There is also one last topic I'd like to touch on being 420 friendly myself and that is the relationship between marijuana and dreams. Perhaps marijuana is a spiritual drug?
While many people know marijuana while your actually on it is terrible for dreams. If you do have them your not likely to remember them. But when coming off of the drug many people including myself will have intense dreams or multiple dreams in a night. This actually is caused because while on marijuana your brain levels during sleep decrease in the REM state so when detoxing from the drug your mind speeds bag up from the fog of THC and it gives the illusion of dreaming "more". Not to make it seem less magical because the fact that it's able to induce dreams in such a way to me really is. And who knows perhaps with practice and intake of marijuana you could become a master of your dreams. But that's a blog for another day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I will

I will post something shortly that is mildly interesting.
Probably in the morning.
So this is my first blog.
I sure do hope this goes well.
I'm not really sure what to talk about.
So I'll just say that it's late afternoon on a Saturday and it's raining.
If it wasn't raining I'd be outside right now maybe on a walk.
But instead I decided to make this blog and hopefully lots of people subscribe to it.
I plan to regularly update this blog w/ random and various bits of information that might tickle the fancy of whatever subscribers... well subscribe so I guess I'll be back at like tomorrow to type something I feel is interesting or awesome.